Preparing Your Home For Your Up And Coming Back Surgery

Posted on: 8 March 2016

If you are going to be having major back surgery then you are in for a long recovery period. During this time, you will need to be very careful not to start moving around too soon and also to avoid injury. Setting your house up to properly cater to your recovery needs can significantly decrease your chances of having problems or getting hurt. The information provided to you here will educate you on various ways you can prepare yourself and your home:

Get a hospital bed

When you are recovering from major back surgery, it's going to be hard to move around, even while you are in bed. A hospital bed will have a control that you can easily reach and you can use it to bring the head of the bed up and put it back down. This will help you to get to a sitting position when you want, such as when you just want to sit up or you are going to be eating. Also, it's much easier to get out of the bed once you bring the head of it up.

Install a stair lift

If you have a second story to your home, you may not feel like staying on the lower level for the duration of your recovery, which may take longer than six months depending on your situation and whether or not the surgery was successful. Once you are able to move around a bit after surgery, you can sit in the seat of the stair lift and safely be brought to the desired level of your home.

Install a toilet/bidet

Even very easy things like cleaning properly after relieving yourself can be difficult and painful after surgery. You can get a toilet/bidet combo that is no bigger than the toilet you currently have in your bathroom. It will allow you to stay clean without doing any bending which you will more than likely be instructed not to do for a while after you go home. Even if you heal completely, this type of toilet can still be an asset since it does everything a regular toilet does, but just offers you some extra features.

Install a barrier free shower

You should also consider having a barrier free shower installed that will replace your current one. You can have a seat built in it that you can use while you shower. If you opt not to have a seat built, then you can use a shower chair. You want to have a hand held showerhead put in the shower as well, so you can shower without the water spraying in your face from the regular showerhead.

These changes are going to help you to heal properly without putting you in risky situations. The more you do what you are supposed to, the better your chances will be of avoiding problems. Contact a business, such as Accessible Solutions, for more information.